Smokey Bear
Is SMOKEY BEAR the only one who
truly understands the beauty
attached to the notion of individual
accountability?  Long ago SMOKEY
BEAR understood it was not possible
to growl loud enough to gain the
attention of the ever-growing masses.
Ever-increasing threat of harm to
mutual habitat demanded action!  

SMOKEY BEAR retained the services of a translator to deliver a brilliant yet simple message.  

After the message was transcribed to the USFS,  Smokey had his new friend over lunch with
fava beans and a nice Chianti.  But, I digress…
The power of SMOKEY BEAR’s message is
obscured by both its simplicity and the pervasive
misperception that a Bear can't get metaphorical
whiddit.  While the phrase ‘only you can prevent
forest fires’ is effective to its obvious cause it is also
a phrase with applications on
other levels.  Upon
any visit to the home of SMOKEY BEAR, the
message is clear... it is in our best interest to
behave in accordance to a reverence for the link
between self and all forms of life contained there-
in.  We think not only of Smokey but also his
friends; sometimes even sensing self as 'one-
among'.  Perhaps it is comforting consolation to
realize, Smokey discriminates little relative to just
'who' he has for dinner.
What was it that SMOKEY BEAR accomplished so effectively and how is it his message has
remained effective after all these years?  The magic in the message is that while we are in his
home he convinces me that ‘I am you’ and he convinces you that ‘you are I’.  

Whether I regard myself through ‘me’ or through the eyes of others is of little consequence.   The
message covers all possible contingencies in a range between the 2 polar extremes.  As it seems
to be universally the case, the simpler messages translate to the greatest number of applications

For all who would enter the home of SMOKEY BEAR there is an understanding that we, as much
as he, are accountable to the minimal standard of 'cause no harm'.  As a token of appreciation
the true F.O.S takes some form of action, however minimal, to leave ol’ Smokey’s home a bit
better then was the case before their visit.  As one of the preeminent members on the Karma
Board you can be assured of one thing above all else….
Smokey Knows!

Smokey says BS to the mystery of cause…
It’s not about who starts it...
it's about who is to prevent it.