A mythical generation
floating in the future,
When the last person
alive at this moment...
Is no longer
Plan A
Generation That is the beneficiary to the unbroken
sequence of human development...And for 'that' we are
entitled no small measure of pride...
If it is possible to imagine the existence of human life in distant generations, it is also possible to envision
many of the defining attributes relative in which life continues to flourish.  

In order for life to perpetuate, it must continue to evolve in the direction of more-advanced creatures.  As
it is in the present, relative to the past, it is also so on a continuum no less connected to the future.  As  it
has always been for the inhabitants of Earth... 'Aggregate-Creation' acquires both nuance and
sophistication in this process.

As custodians of a planet, and advocates to fellow man, this advance is characterized by the increasing
influence within and from spiritual realms...  It is an expanding awareness of time and place within the

Whether by accident of intended creation, it is the knowledge that life is fleeting and extremely rare
You see, 'time-travel' is easy...It is also essential.  It's how we get from here to there....

By process of working back (from that
there point in time), it is possible to track critical developments
along a winding path--advancing incrementally closer--  to, 'present-time'
As it has always been, it is the current generation most critical to the next.  To this point humans have
never failed to perpetuate.   Priorities change over time tho all concerned share a degree of shared
fate.  At anytime, anywhere, there are some issues/conditions to which attendance is mandatory
If to presume human existence in the distant future, many of the daunting challenges in the present
will, by necessity, have been solved...
They will have the evidence of climate-warming and climate-cooling...Cycles will be noted but, there
will still be no definitive explanation to cause.  Somewhere along the line of continuum of time and
events it was realized the issue was not of 'climate'...It was about Health/Welfare, and Sustainability.  
The point is...They will no longer rely upon unclean/unsafe practices  in favor of symbiotic  practices  
in an harmony with planet and peoples.
They will have achieved relative stability within populations across the globe.  Not by medical means
or, self inflicted cataclysm  but, through education instead.
Relative to the factors of influence within societies there will be little regard for race and or ethnicity
outside the regard as the positive attributes of distinction.
Memories of the last violent war will wane as it is now understood conflict is a necessity...Violence is
Spiritual evolution accesses the collective only through the gateway of the individual.  The Individual
evolves across all planes in an environment beneficiary to the infinite combinations found in all-forms
of diversity.   There are no absolutes only relative consensus in the moment.
Delivery of medical care will occur in logical sequence to individual lifespan style.  In reality and in spirit
it will then be understood medical care is the measure by which societies and institutions demonstrate   
relative regard for the individual.
In some classroom at a point in time--between 'That' and 'After'--these are the
words used to explain the essence of humanity in the early 21st Century...

Plan A

humanity does exist in the future

As custodians of a planet and advocates to fellow man, this advance is characterized by the increasing influence within and from spiritual realms.  It iis an expanding awareness of time and place within the universe

And, in the classroom of That generation they will talk about
generations before...They will talk about generations 'After'.