There is a 'Generation After'
after 'That'...A generation
yet to be fully connected to
time and events
Generation After
In some classroom at a point in
time--between 'That' and 'After'--these are
the words used to explain the essence of
humanity in the early 21st Century...
COURSE NAME:          History of the 21’st Century and Beyond


Day/s & Time/s:  Unknown

Location:  Future
As we behold the world today- a world honoring the 'Individual'... Where practices assure sustainable
prosperity and conflict is resolved by non-violent means...It is perhaps difficult to comprehend there
once existed primitive societies where one or more of these things could not be found.
There is no singular theory to explain exactly when, or how, events began to unfold in contribution to
the alternate human destiny now known.  It does appear indisputable that there was a major  
'Revolution' at some point in the 21st - Century It also appears to have been the first global
Revolution in which violence was not involved.  
In the absence of violence, global societies advanced over longer periods of time.  It thus became
difficult to differentiate and /or extricate singular cause for the purpose of explaining any sequence of
events.  In the absence of death, destruction, and violent conquest- the recount of history became a
much more speculative proposition
Upon a single proposition historians agree to be abundantly clear...The implications of this Revolution
were neither known nor were they present in the early years of the 21st century
From the perspective of most Historians the curiosities of the early 21st-Century hold near-universal
appeal.  It was an era heavily influenced by fear, superstition, and willful ignorance yet, there were
many within who would soon merge to the common cause of favorable  destiny.
The self-destructive practices of this era may seem improbable in the present but, they were very real
at the time.  How did they manage to survive? What was  the nature of the events to follow?
With the Early 21-st Century as a starting point, this course will examine the events and developments
that followed- The revolutions in practice and, more importantly, the revolutions in thought.
Course Description:

future history

early 21st century

It does appear indisputable that there was a major 'Revolution' at some point in the 21st - Century...It also appears to have been the first global revolution in which violence was not involved