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4.     Briefly describe the process by which the liberties of one became indistinguishable
from another...
1.        Characterize the process by which gender-equality was achieved?
2.        Relative to the 21st-Century in juxtaposition to the present,
Compare/contrast  meaning and context for the following words/phrases

1. 'Pro-Life'
2. 'Pro-Choice'
3. 'Right to Chose'
3.     Define the term 'Mental Illness' as it was understood in the 21st Century
5        Relative to the 21st century, identify and describe 3 significant revolutions in thought
The first step was the acknowledgement that human equality is absolute.  At this
point, all factors of perceived distinctions among individuals and groups assumed
positions proper in proportion.

The review of history through the lens of equality in the 'absolute' soon rendered that
gender equality existed all along the span of known history.

Among the many implications affiliated to this understanding
Put Simply science made peace with  religion then, religion made peace with
the nature of creation.  all differences share the same point of origin it was all
individual from there.  Although not fully realised at the time the convergence
of these factors traces to the mid-20th century in it point of origination
the institutions presumed absolutely
necessary were actually not...

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