Interspersed throughout vacuous space, there are patches of blue to be found.  As beneficiary to
rare circumstance, 'other worlds' have gone before, with many yet to come.  

With limited tools and even less time, all to have pondered
meaning, will do so evermore.  For, as it is
with us, it is true throughout...The 'end' is near and has been so from the start.  
In this story- wherever it may occur- Creation hails existence; wanting few things more then a
successful mission wherever life is found.  Many have failed...many have succeeded...

From the point at which humans gained rudimentary understanding  of consequence to
sequential  events, a collective humanity has correctly perceived its own time to be the
most critical to perpetuated existence.   Existence in the future relies upon existence in
the present.   The collective curiosity of humans- to the present- has always found the
powers of destruction acquiescing to the intrigue of what lies ahead.
And the Earthling?...

--Perhaps hell is nothing more
then an eternity spent in the
company of those who share
this belief...Worshipping the
god of destruction failing
to see the beauty all around.

If to ponder the future of shared destination, will we chose
the course of continued existence?  
Will we subscribe to the delusion that  justice and equality are
best  served uniformly to all through mutually assured
Converging factors of influence suggest great change may soon be experienced.

Will we prosper?
Will we arrogantly insist it is the job of humans to dictate
when the lights are to be turned off?  

Will it be human arrogance that leads us to assure our
descendants will want for nothing by assuring nothing is all
that remains?  
It is folly to assume the forces
of Creation either dictate or are
disproportionately  affected by
our decision.  Evidence in scale
would strongly suggest...

The 'end of a world' is never
the 'end of the world'  as far as
Creation is concerned.
There are those who claim of self to be a prophet, speaking of destruction and moral decline.  They prey
upon those who pray, selling a god beholding humanity with contempt.  Lines are drawn and the
violence commences- all for the god who loves only them.  

But, these things are not of God, nor of today- these are the misunderstandings of yesterday.

We will survive....
In the morning...

The Sun
will rise...
Across the planet there exists a different brand of faith.  It is the recognition humanity has yet to fail
when faced with great adversity.  If to presume continued existence the paths of greater destiny present
in sharp relief.  It is in the knowing...
Might as well go "All-in'
on Humanity cuz there is
no point to being correct
about anything else...


Story of Earth

The 'end of a world' is never the 'end of the world'as far as Creation is concerned.