Although an outside visitor may be perplexed by our
apparent fascination with self-destruction, we sense
complete annihilation just might relieve the torment of a
mystery with few answers and no apparent favorable
Life on a Planet

Yet, we perceive we are a vital component inextricably
connected to the whole of evolving Creation. We
sense a call to accountability and the possibility of
freely chosen destiny and at times feel doomed by the

Perhaps free-will is an option few would select if to know even a few of the accompanying obligations and
miseries were to be understood. Perhaps the essence of life itself is qualified by the removal of restraints that
would impose a cap on an otherwise freely chosen destiny. Just as choice is mandated by the imposition of
free-will, so too does the decision to forfeit chosen destiny become and act of free-will. The solution pertaining
to the mystery of meaning lies in the ability to reconcile the great contradictions present upon the very
inception of an individual life.

Perhaps it is the intent of Creation to avoid the eternal boredom associated with 'the way things are'
As a manifestation of greater Creation, humans upon Earth
seem to reject the conditions to which 'Reason' would
suggest great appeal. For many, the story of Creation itself
describes an early decision to select a destiny outside the
predictable parameters of a seemingly imposed paradise.

Or, perhaps birth is the ultimate expression of free-will as we are borne of our own choosing
from the point of conception when it was we ourselves who insisted upon becoming our self
through the insistence and persistence convincing all other comers (opps) we were not only
the strongest we were also the best match for the egg to which we would desire to be
attached...Perhaps it as the point of conception representing our deepest and most profound
understanding of meaning. We then spend the span of our life adding nuance to a deep
understanding we hope we will someday understand in completion.
In an infinite sea of Creation we ponder the meaning of
our own existence...By our own standards of
measurement we cannot prove our own

It seems that Creation itself knows not the course to be taken by any one entity within the whole  
component of Creation in the present whole. Surely some will chose to accept the challenge of a
physical existence perceived as an inheritance not to be challenged . Through such an existence an
evolving Creation can ponder a tangible reference point for the nature of all things as they have become.

But what of the renegade elements of Creation? Perhaps it is a trap...that the very nature
of free-will begins with the seeming 'greatest of all contradictions' through its imposition
upon the infant  who did not such a feature freely select....

Life on a planet

life is found


the very nature of free-will begins with the seeming 'greatest of all contradictions' through its imposition upon the infant who did not such a feature freely select....