Does war bring out the good in
humanity by virtue of a willingness to
die. For what?...some noble cause?
some virtuous sacrifice? The
willingness to die becomes its own
self-fulfilling prophecy as those willing
to kill accommodate.  A war is fought for those
who survive it. The best conduct it at such a
monumental loss...a perverse application of our
our          most courageous
severity associated with any given atrocity.  This occurs
at the point it is realized that the perpetrators either will,
or did, run out of time,bullets, poison, etc long before they
expire hate and a thirst for violence
It is too easy to be
held captive
through the
primitive morality
of retribution as
opposed to the
with the
perception of
The truth is unspeakable horrors
accompany any war- obviously, right?
Torture, abuse, genocide, rape, and
pillage...all come
along for the ride'.
Atrocities so obscene
we struggle to view
as real.   If indeed
our own existence is mathematically
impossible to prove, war represents
full-sum solution to meaning absent
If a young man grows tall through good
nutrition while simultaneously exposed
to the virtues of religious faith what is
the nature of the adversary who will
make him stronger?  The nature of the
adversary will be reflected in the
nature of his strength.  
There comes a point when the number of dead
begins to lose direct relation to the degree of
I destroy my
enemies when I
make them my friends

Abraham Lincoln
Weve lost countless citizens of
the world in Iraq.  And though we
would instinctually sense greater loss
attached to our own we must realize it is
not so.  We are the dead Iraqi child and in
a sense we are the terrorist who must be
destroyed through the cultivation of only
the most rudimentary level of       
mutual respectful regard
outrageous, we question
whether the doctrine
and application of Islam
derives from
While we find
killing, and
desecration of
humans to be
any thing remotely well -intended
Meanwhile, over a billion Christians
view the crucifixion of Christ as an
Violence comes
requires the

as an event- wholly intended...
preordained,,, and thus positive.
If at all a legitimate inquiry
It would be a legitimate inquiry to inquire of both.