My Country

We are a nation very young and sometimes foolish.
We know and fear the consequences of appeasement
to tyrants; we are determined to learn from the
past. We are not advanced in application of the noble
principles we perceive ourselves to cherish; we often
make dreadful mistakes with consequences
compounded through the mechanism of
disproportionate influence.

As citizens of the United States we find ourselves
faced with challenges for which our chosen course
will let all know the nature of our character.

Do we accept the challenge to become the truly noble
country the collective cause of humanity so
desperately needs us to be? If so, the first step would
be to realize we are yet to arrive and that others
are closer. We will not approach arrival until we
accept 'we' are 'they';no better or worse then any
other individual or conglomerate.

We could not have fully known that our obligation
would someday involve our participation in the
assurance of a base justice applied universally to all
humans. We could not have known that while great
change is required by all, there would be no others
needing change more then we. We have yet to know
the full-reward of the true liberation experienced
when we and the rest of the world come to
understand the purpose of our collective mission....
We claim to be good people and we are,
although we become incrementally less
so relative to the frequency we feel
compelled upon the insisting..