Matters of conflict between one or more peoples Reality juxtaposed to Perception reveals little distinction
for either.  Failing to regard  one's own self/people equates to all involved waiting for the other to initiate
the measures in direction of reconciliation   misunderstanding and tragedy will forever rule the day in
want of the most basic prerequisite of 'seeing' as seen and the accompanying epiphany that the
deires/needs of humans across the globe are the same
Presently, the factions professing spite for Western culture would likely characterize us as
materialistic, gluttonous, greedy, arrogant, etc.   We may perceive this 'unfair' yet, in deflection it is
we who also perceive the gap of misunderstanding so great we often cater to these negative
stereotypes at the expense of all that is good about our collective character.  
Perhaps it is along lines delineating the individual soul- wherein it can be found- the impetus to differentiate
between that which 'is' and that which 'is not' of the self.  Perhaps it is along lines delineating group-belonging
wherein the individual seeks refuge in order to protect the interests of a fragile physical-being while
simultaneously  pursuing those things thought unique to self
Throughout the known history of humanity the notion of group belonging has brought both protection, and
destruction, in seeming equal measure.  Over the span of Societal Evolution the nature of group alliances has
perhaps changed in appearance but many of the attributes remain the same- for better...and worse.
There is a boundary both static and absolute... It is the ocean. And tho most will claim
there are 7, there is really only 1 as it is 1 continuous body of water spanning the entire
planet.  It defines peoples by geographic location, by North and South, East and
West. These are the parameters within which the following story takes place...
In the present those affiliated with the East do not like the West.  Those affiliated with the West do not like the
East.  Neither thinks much of the 'other', neither thinks much of how they are thought of
by the other...
This is a story of different sort.  It in not a story of the way things are, it is a story of the
way things are thought to be.  It is not about the things we see in others, it is about how
we are seen.

With our collective beliefs influenced by relative material abundance we, at times, exhibit
behavior  perceived decadent by a culture with beliefs shaped by influence of a hostile land and
harsh climate with far fewer natural resources.  We may mock the burqua as symbolic of a
fundamental inequality respective to gender perhaps failing to entertain the possibility of
alternative function (eg restricting exposure to the damaging elements of wind and heat).

While 'the West' may proclaim an intent to make the world safe for the proliferation of democracy,
we are seen as something quite contrary.  As our nation imposes its will upon lesser adversaries we
galvanize the perception we are unjust.  Through these lens we are seen as greedy thieves of
Many, if not most, believe the false premise that current conflicts find genesis in religion.

It's not so much what we believe it's the interpretation of what our actions represent.  We are seen gluttonous
consumers unfairly commanding more then our fair share of finite resources,
It makes some sense that nations with fewer resources would adapt strategies to discourage consumption
exceeding that  perceived 'fair share'.  These strategies become incorporated into religious practice first, as a
practical matter- then, later as doctrine- often disconnected from the logic present at inception.
As applied on a global scale, that which originally sought to punish the individual now becomes projected upon
nations perceived as hedonistic consumers.  Inequitable distribution of material resources is then interpreted as
an indicator of a deeper inequality of both race and ethnicity.  The smokescreen of religion obscures the
authentic source of animosity and misunderstanding...

And that source is the perception of a great inequality of both the material and the spiritual.  Outrageous acts of
terrorism are fueled by an inequality both experienced and perceived in the absence of alternative forums to
effectively redress grievance on equal terms.
crude oil indigenous to the region with the best hope for tangible return being delivered in the vessel-form of a
fighter jet laden with explosives (albeit the very ‘humane’ precision-guided variety).  
Unheard and unseen a fighter jet (at times unmanned) will descend from the sky to destroy and kill
with great efficiency and accuracy.  So disparate is the power/technology between adversaries the
destructive power of advanced weapons rivals that of a vindictive deity.  Regardless of legitimacy,
our actions are surely not seen as those deriving from default, this leaves only one other
In apparent keeping with the trends of history, the early 21st Century presents with conflict along the lines of
Nationality, Religion, and Race.  Often, these overlapping integers appear to interface, without discernible
boundaries to any, and in varying proportions of influence for all...
To the Present...
The Indisputable ...
there exists no 'chosen' people excepting of
course the sum of all-humanity

Viewing Self

through the eyes of another


In the present those affiliated with the middle East do not like the West. Those affiliated with the West do not like the middle East. Neither thinks much of the 'other', neither thinks much of how they seen