What is 'terrorism'? Does the term apply to a specific set of actions or does it somehow pertain to the response
to a specific set of qualifying actions? Is the ‘Terrorist’ reliant upon the preexisting ‘Terroree’ for definition?  Does
the term itself rely upon a fearful response in order to exist?  Could it be the term ‘terrorism’ is simply an
instruction, thinly disguised by tense of language, pertaining only to how we are to respond?

Origins of Terror

Long ago there was a point at which a nation, or people, few in number endeavored
upon acts of violence.  Seeming to arise from nowhere and for no apparent reason.   To
further confound those who would seek to explain, these acts were often directed at the
symbols or beliefs of collective national value rather then the whole of a despised nation.
At the moment seeming random acts of violence targeted a people/nation, the
nature of warfare changed. The attacking nation/people were then perceived as
"rouge states", fanatics, and/or terrorists. Any proposed treaty or compromise
is/was perceived illegitimate based upon recent  acts of random violence-
portrayed as enacted without provocation.  The resulting exclusion may be so
pronounced it manifests as an actual physical barrier between peoples.  
A point of conflict origination is often attributed to long-held religious beliefs deeply
rooted in persistent, pervasive and brutal violence and tempered in conviction through
elapsed time absent any legitimate or sustained pursuit of reconciliation.  Some may
believe there is a moral issue at play- fearing a perception that the influence of western
thought is seen as a threat to corrupt and distort Middle-East culture.  Neither of these
explanations has merit of any substance to explain root cause. They are merely
symptoms of authentic cause or vehicles for justification to destroy that which cannot
be understood.
Access to all avenues in the direction of understanding become blocked...The perception of extinguished
forum soon manifests through the expressed fury of desperation.  The heinous atrocities to follow will fully
obscure the fact this all started as a pragmatic response to a realization that the enemy was one possessing
much more in numbers and resources.
Root Cause

Higher powers invite solicitation of Higher powers by lower powers seeking to justify the
brutal means by which equality is pursued.  A God frugal relative to forwarding wealth and
abundant resources would surely require the destruction of the evil-doers who
do possess
material wealth and natural resources.
There exists a deep source that fuels violence and extremism.   This source has great power yet is based
solely upon perception-a perception that facilitates militant partnerships with religion.  ‘Extremism’ then
becomes the parasite converting religious passions to violent zealotry.
It is at this point where radicals, with no good will to humanity, are permitted to
hide behind the facade of a religion while a growing numbers of disciples slowly
drift away from center.  Driven by the same powerful perceptions, the
once-moderate becomes more sympathetic to those acting on the outer fringes
of belief and applied action

The existence of violence viewed on a continuum, from point of origination to present, has experienced
numerous adaptations in application but root cause remains the same...

The underlying source of such great anger and frustration is the perception of a global inequality among
nations and peoples.   Meanwhile powerful nations dismiss the rants of those so easily crushed and there is
a sense that the strong prosper at the expense of the weak.  The accumulation of negative perceptions has
become a problem very real.

Origins of Terror

how did it start

The heinous atrocities to follow will fully obscure the fact this all started as a pragmatic response to a realization that the enemy was one possessing much more in numbers and resources.