Perhaps it is the soldier for any given country who shares like circumstance
with that of another.  The soldier is made more vulnerable to unjust
manipulation through the necessary restriction of  personal liberties for the
sake of a more unified focus.  The soldier conscripts with the noble intent of
protecting lives and principles...Whether near or afar it is a call to neutralize
the oppressor on the other side who would want to impose his will upon all.
It is difficult for the civilian, never witness to sanctioned
warfare, to conceive the nature of that which we are
asking the soldier to perform.  We ask the soldier to kill
the stranger seen as a threat while simultaneously
placing self in situations representing elevated risk to
similar fate.  We ask the warrior to accept on faith that
war is at times both just and necessary.
Of all involved in sanctioned violent conflict it is the soldier who represents one who has the
‘most to lose’.  But, for reasons even more important then the obvious,....

The soldier must accept that great risk of harm to self is balanced by the needs of a grateful
nation and that, all agree, the causes served through violence- are
'just' and worthy of the
potential ultimate sacrifice.

The very soul of the soldier risks corruption if the cause served is other then that stated.  
The soldier dies a death in spirit when those who represent his/her true cause of service
withdraw endorsed support...  It is a corruption to the core of the soul when comrades are
killed and maimed for a cause that has become transparent facade for service to some
ignoble lesser cause(s).

As it has always been- it is even more so in the present...The soldier of violent conflict is
desperately in need of a friend...