Just what are the Implications?

If a people perceive themselves as "the chosen" it becomes much easier to exploit/eliminate
those of whom God so clearly regards as obstacles in the pursuit of preordained destiny.  
Whether the persecuted or the persecuting, the language used to chat with God varies little
among most who claim to be closely acquainted.
There are many things for which the sacrifice of one's life may be warranted; it is also true
there are many things in life much worse then death. True virtue is represented in those
who do not require the participation of others.
Is there really any scale of relative righteousness in the context of pervasive
and sanctioned violence?  Is death by means of a sterile bullet or a ‘smart
bomb’ somehow preferable to death by dirty blade?  If neither adversary is
fully virtuous nor absolutely wrong can either truly justify violence through
asserting a larger proportionate-share of virtue?   Virtue becomes something
‘other’ when dissected to something less then whole.

Political spoils gravitate to Religious fanatics who then adopt/adapt
religion to convince a specified peoples to wage a holy war....a life lost
to fighting a stronger nation will be greatly rewarded.  Commiting to
the cause becomes a seeming 'no-lose' proposition
Good God, will You let me do Your dirty-work?
Never say
'always'- you
know not
what the
future holds
In actuality, It's not about religion- it's about human inequality giving
rise to conditions ripe for the outburst of violence.  Religion is simply
the vehicle employed to both recruit and justify violent reactions.  
Aggregate religion is not what it self-perceives to be... it will sell itself to
the highest bidder- in the absolute absence of failure to do so-

A broad sentiment of anger (with some legitimate
complaints likely present) transforms to a 'Holy-War' and a
much more volatile 'Righteous Fury'.  As the perception of
war seen as 'holy' expands to a sustainable base- fringe
elements are perceived legitimate- and, gain increasing
popular support. The 'holy' in Holy War'- once a facade-
It's About Equality Stupid...

The perception of disproportonate distribution of material resources along with the
insertion of influence by outside powers invariably sparks a broad common response.  
If all in proximity experience dark sentiments with little variation, there naturally arises a
sense of many-things-in-common.   Unity evolves in communion and we have now
arrived at the doorstep of God...
A war emerging from perceived inequality then becomes to more closely resemble that
which it originally said it was...only to find itself unfocused and in receipt of a much
broader wrath.  It is 'us-against-the-world' mentality... Kill fast or die fast- the one-true
diety is allied with the oppressed either 'here' or, 'there'.
now becomes the premier core element following the failed outcomes of a more
comprehensible anger based in the perception inequality among peoples.