War is perceived consequential to disputes among nations; it is then presumed beyond influence by
the individual.   Within a collection of misunderstandings and misrepresentations along the path to
perceived legitimacy, little consideration is given to the 'nature of nations' ...
The disintegration of a nation begins when the individual acquiesces to the warrior for
the cause of their own safety.
As a seeming inevitability, any pervasive conflict eventually follows the pathway to
the of the home of the  'Pacifist'.  At this point- all within proximity can only hope
to be among the ‘chosen’ of God and Society.  The generation next in line will be
told “this is not of my making”  (by means indistinguishable to those employed by
the generation before.  The nature of
honor and courage will then    become
perceived aligning with a
nebulous-something external in nature.
big bad nation

That which may have so recently perceived as 'domestic tranquility' had no roots
extending to a collection of components now inclusive the entire planet.  The
certainty of consequence then mandates the young must be convinced of their
own  'strength' and 'courage' then promptly tell them what it all looks like before
they question the founding wisdom*.  

Young warriors are sent  to assure we are protected from ourselves while shades
alternative to that observed in reflection, rise to represent the uniforms of threat.
Chain of fear

The common thread binding all acts of sanctioned violence is the presence
of fear at some level.  The point at which an act of violence experiences the
highest degree of legitimacy is when it is most primal.  A violent response to
real and present danger presented by another species and/or condition of
nature is an act without reproach.  Violence in response to anything other
represents some form of failed negotiation however slightly removed.

In the absence of immediate threat all affairs pertaining to human exchange among strangers default
to the distribution of material resources. Primal fear converts to a diluted fear assuming distortions
masquerading as a threat mandating action with equal urgency.  Something exists between warring
parties and it is largely a figment of the imagination.  It is nothing personal and only assumed
Fear has become the inconsolable beast consuming ever-more;
rolling in perpetuation toward a constant state of war.
A legitimate nation needs little more then a collective
agreement to honor the disagreements among all claiming
One Man's Definition...
constituency.   A nation is only that of which it is proclaimed to be by the
individual through abstract interpretation based upon experience.  The individual
thrives through an 'agreement to disagree' assuring the best chance of equal
opportunity across all layers of a given society.   

Civilians may perceive conflict in another theater irrelevant to their own lives yet, it
is they who disregard the pleas for equitable justice- claiming 'not our conflict'.  
'Inaction' quickly becomes a policy representing a failure to share their own
'strength' to cultivate the conditions incompatible to pervasive violence.

among nations

failed negotiation

The disintegration of a nation begins when the individual acquiesces to the warrior for the cause of their own safety.