Lesser Cause
Violent hostilities
eventually cease...
those remaining
are those
who still live
Wars are fought
for those who survive
who in the end
come to find
The former enemy
was really a friend
Do I not destroy my enemies when I make them my friends?
Abraham Lincoln
Do I not destroy my enemies when I
respect them as my Adversary?

planet earth

will we have meaning

In the realization that wars of any scale will be utterly futile the universal adoption of non-violence becomes the desperate measure of

Many would view the notion of a world free of war as
unrealistic and supremely naive’...  
Some, likely most, assert that war is inevitable and
inextricably linked to the human condition...   

Can it possibly be true humans will never chose to apply an
innate creativity to employ means other then
violence/destruction in resolution to conflict?

If human actions are influenced by a pervasive fear, there is
no need to ponder the uncertainty  brought by the cultivation
of courage.  Fear requires little of the imagination and
self-perpetuates through the gravitational attraction of
elemental superstition, myth, and hearsay.  It would seem
fear is more about the song not sung, the picture not
painted, the chance not  taken...Most will never detect its
presence lest they value one who has not not done as they
do not do.
Love is not mandatory--  nor, should securing 'peace' be the goal.  There is  
no consensus on love or peace-- or who qualifies for either.  Meaning eludes
human restrictions at distances increasing directly proportionate to the effort
in pursuit. Beauty can be found in the realization such things exist in realms
just beyond the capacity to directly control.  There are no wise to explain the
beautiful experiences in life, only those wise enough to embrace the
experience as it presents.  Only through the respect for the liberties of others
can beauty be found by the individual
In the realization that wars of any scale will be utterly futile, the
universal adoption of non-violence becomes the desperate measure of
'last resort'.
The perpetual escalation of violence is not sustainable- but, 'peace' is not
the antidote...

In the historical era of the present there exists horrific weapons and the
evolving supplemental technology to exact death and destruction with
unimaginable efficiency.  The notion of 'peace' may be perceived as the
solution...But, peace occupies middle ground as it becomes vulnerable to
unscrupulous manipulation while seeking an elusive  homeostasis equivalent
to extinction.  
Continuous impassioned debate among adversaries keeps at bay the disastrous
consequences of  appeasement in service to the lesser cause of 'peace'
If a nation brings to violent conflict anything less then all its got…     it seeks
something less then complete victory. If an opponent in violent conflict has no
response on equivalent plane to the potential of every thing brought by the enemy;
they too must settle for something less then complete victory. When both complete
victory and complete defeat equate to the same consequence, sanctioned violence
is ultimately seen by all to be a venture with absolutely no hope of positive outcome.  
Lesser Cause