Second, if any person experiences
a death consequential to senseless
and willful violence,  It is a tragedy
compounded if to presume
reincarnation would somehow
balance the equation.
If Jesus were to live in
'present day',  he would
find himself treated far
better than the Jesus of
blood sacrifice
While relaxing between conversations held with holy
men and women,  

Jesus roasts
marshmallows and contemplates the
‘good’ found in diverse faiths across the globe.
He does not plan for violent conflict nor, does he
ridicule beliefs contrary to his own
Jesus if yur
diabetic...I'll take
those cookies
Before belief trumps
intuition, it is known by
most...  If a person rises
from the dead, that
person was not really
dead in the first place
Of many acts in Charity, he does
save through sacrificed blood and
encourages others to do the same

Jesus Saves


The Real Jesus would call BS to Cruxifixtion