To the 'projects'...
Scene of the crime
back again...
Or, stuck in time?
Off to the places white-folk never  go
This is segregation dammit...
I can't take it anymore
Fuck them for starting it
shame on us for

Stop thinking
I think
I am better then you
Stop thinking I am

Equality is absolute
Justice reflects
the understanding
Embrace the horror
to let it go
never to return
if to not forget
A push from the past
to pull us through
It is all who suffer
if not equal
To do it once
this beautiful life.
To do it great
is to
do it fair

Gimme a minute, I'll meet you there
To this place
I now arrived
Oh...I see this
Now I see why
Separate but equal
never was...
Equal but Separate
is all the same

segregation still remains

poverty in perpetuation


Separate but equal never was...Equal but Separate is all the same