Mere tolerance carries no weighty obligations as it is seen as a favor granted to those
whose very survival relies upon even its lowest form.  Volatile and nebulous- it can be
revoked at any time, for any reason, with no obligation to explain or apologize
If to behold the many incarnations of 'evil' through any degree of 'knowing' and honesty, is
it possible while simultaneously entertaining the notion of a benevolent Creator?  Or, is God
the protective delusion shielding the individual soul from the devastating destruction brought
with 'True Understanding'

Wouldn't that be nice

It would seem that such a deity would have drawn a boundary for which evil acts could go no
further.  If the manifestations of evil were expressed randomly- and at the level of the
individual- perhaps it would be easier to embrace the idea.  If contained to the individual it
would seem such actions could never result in suffering outside the sphere of individual

Through out human history countless tyrants have reached outside the boundaries of self to
solicit other distorted minds to their cause.  Such alliances have yielded atrocities beyond
comprehension.  At the front end of any of these processes  there are only subtle indicators
to suggest distortions of thought and/or logic may be negatively influencing events and
attitudes. The incubation of institutionalized evil commences with the start of a process that
seduces other humans of influence to unanimously agree on even the seemingly inconsequential
shared beliefs.
It is human to find appeal in the status of keeping company with those bequeathed superior
distinctions.  Prestige paves the path to privilege as the inequitable distribution of
material and human resources seem a natural gratuity in exchange for mere
tolerance. It is
the gift of mere 'existence' granted inferior-beings who would otherwise be eliminated by
any other less-magnanimous  superior-peoples.