The typical individual may behold the nefarious deeds of any one person or conglomerate and
experience the perception that most forms of evil thrive with impunity in the absence of any effective  
counter-balance. Concurrent to this apparent truth, the good person often assumes of self that it would
be futility found in the address of seeming pervasive, insurmountable, and metastasizing evil...

A bad situation is made worse by the perception there is nothing the individual can do to affect positive

There are many who would assert the argument that all humans have the capacity to do evil.  Many
others would find this notion too disturbing to entertain as possible, at least as it pertains to their own
Not All Good

Perhaps it was Nazi Germany representing an evil so incomprehensible we lost a little of our goodness in
the fight.  We were left to employ obscene weapons and tactics to defeat an enemy  that never calculated
the need for negotiation.  Belated intervention left no other options.  It was an evil sprung from the evil of
allowing evil  It was an evil catering to the allowance of social conditions  in which evil deeds/doctrines are
allowed to root and flourish.

Throughout history there have been many acts so evil and despicable we
look to Higher-Powers for counter-balance through the imposition of just
consequence and/or explanation- often there appears to be none of either.
At times it may seem as though there are no limits to the many expressions of

World events not- so long ago- produced leaders and regimes equating to a global
war and incomprehensible atrocities.  It was upon this time the name of Adolph Hitler
arose to prominence as an iconic representation of 'pure-evil'.
There are those few that preach it...And many more who believe it-negativity and
gullibility merge as one.

There are others who feign belief- knowing in whole- the stated allegiance serves
well the causes of their own self-interests.  Meanwhile the highest standard to which
accountability reports descends to only that of 'plausible' as all actions can now be
justified in service to common-cause.

The Appeal?

In order to better understand the evil found in Adolph Hitler it is perhaps
advisable to ponder his humanity…how all humans share a core of
experiences in common...

The tyrant does not become so by natural forces.  Likely, the tyrant does
not initially intend to assume the role and attributes of a tyrant.  It is a
process started and allowed by a populace- first naive and or grateful-
soon to be subject by rule of fear.  Rare would be the Ruler who would not
exploit this form of opportunity.

A collective compliance reveals to the dictator there are no established parameters within which
accountability is mandatory.  Absent accountability to any moral foundation, social chaos inevitably follows
as even the dictator becomes distressed by the absence of boundary.  Violence and killing become the
measures of implementation for a vision that has fully lost its way with no semblance of core principles
(even those profoundly misguided).

Join the madness
or lay low to ride out the storm become the premier options of choice.  In the midst
of constant turmoil and shifting alliances, neither is without great risk.
We are conditioned in response to a
snake that looks like a snake- or, a
skunk that smells like a skunk.  We do
not have a clear understanding of how
and when a human-being belongs to
something other then humanity.
Most nations would likely desire a society flush with natural resources, a government shaped through
individual liberties, and a society free from racial/ethnic strife.  While these collective-characteristics sound
very desirable perhaps it is a sobering thought to realize these were the outcomes desired by Adolf Hitler as
well.  From the outside looking in- or from the present looking back- most would likely agree in that not all
outcomes are justified by the means in which they are met.
Right before he died Hitler married his long-term
mistress.  He knew he was going to die soon as once
again he appointed himself in charge of the
matter...  As a consolation in defeat,
he was not
going to die a 'sinner'.