Was Hitler evil incarnate or does he
represent the worst that you and I can
possibly be?  In reality, he did occupy the
space of a single human being; there must surely be a
limit to just how much evil can be done by just one
person  Was it you and I that allowed the conditions to
exist in which our voices could not be heard?
What a price the world paid for allowing
tyrants to sodomize countries other then
their own.  An evil arose so vile and pervasive,
even catastrophic wounding could not persuade
capitulation.  Imagine the experience of those who
were innocent as superior forces released a torrent of
fire and destruction well exceeding that typically
necessary to assure surrender.
The search for a face to assign evil incarnated will render results only an
illusion.  Evil requires participation of 2 interactive entities at a minimum
in order to exist, and then only as a supposition.  Evil is not an intent but
an act leaving no shortage of evidence.  Evil perpetuates in disregard and
annihilates when feared.  It is not within us but that which comes
between us in relation to one another and in connection with Creation..
In crediting Satan
as the source of evil are we
free from the obligations to both
accountability and prevention?

It would seem the assignment of humanity to
cultivate a culture unfavorable to the proliferation
of evil...If your God were to assume the task- the
collateral damage would be unprecedented.  An
infinite universe reveals a Creator both clumsy
and imprecise  
Lesser Evil  There really are no points to
the positive for lesser evil and those who
would so claim quickly assume a more
insidious evil through adoption of the belief
no change or compromise is required for
the sake of higher justice;

It is not God/a God
allowing for evil; it is we
who allow for evil
12 anonymous good deeds in one year.  At any time
to follow upon which unknown sources bring good
fortune to any person with whom you are
connected...You will-for now and ever- be a suspect
through a lack of passionate
pursuit for all things good.  
Although seemingly
counter-intuitive, it is the heavy
weight of unspeakable atrocities
It is inconsistent to insist
upon the notion of
God-given free-will while
simultaneously pondering
why it is a God who would
allow evil to exist.
Move bitch, get out the way
Get out the way bitch,
get out the way- Ludacris
Evil- enjoys a crowded highway
in an environment where mindset
varies little-  M.Sill
Good things happen when good acts are taken without want of recognition.  The news travels quickly
through the universe spreading peace to those who understand peace (NOT
US) and non-violence (OUR BEST CHANCE) to those who have not      
yet arrived.
At times it may seem as though there are no limits to
the many expressions of evil.  It has been said that
eventually good invariably prevails; this seems to be
true.  Even the ultimate expressions of evil are limited
to destruction of the tangible- through a scope
relatively narrow- pertaining only to the material world
where-in it is found,  A dynamic humanity is too
resilient  to be permanently damaged or corrupted.
providing indisputable
evidence that a
benevolent Creator
would not be a
participant in matters
of applied evil.