Perhaps comprehension of evil is too often hindered by a
perception the solution lies in addressing the solitary factor of
perpetration.  In this scenario, the default sentiment and reaction
relative to the victim is one of sympathy and consolation....It would
be unpopular and counter-intuitive to suggest the victim shares
If we were to learn that hell does not exist outside our own making,
would we be a little more invested in the cause of Justice on planet
earth?  Perhaps it would be learned the act of
commission serves
the cause of evil secondary to primary contributor found in
If to presume all things are ‘meant to be’ (and in accordance to the
desires of Creation), is the Individual more likely to adopt a lifestyle
best described as ‘staying out of the way’?  Perhaps it is here the
prerequisite first step to 'passive allowance' can be found.
If to ponder in reflection, it is likely difficult for most to conceive of self  to ever be
capable of willfully inflicting harm upon another individual or, group of individuals.
How could any one-individual possibly participate in the vile atrocities relegated
to history?
Evil 101

evil 101

attributes of evil

For now the entity of greater evil patiently awaits the conditions merging to form an escalating volatility acquiring an ever-increasing collection of triggers.