green sphere
In the absence of willful intent channeled to the positive...

It is even-odds relative to the nature of the prevailing force reigning-
wherever life exists.
Evil is not the opposite of
good- it is the product of
goodness subject to
voluntary constraint.
nature of
Within the individual, and throughout the species, an unreconciled  
inner-conflict projects outward.  Distorted and disorganized, dissonant  
manifestations obfuscate beholding a singular source,
More specifically, it is a battle with a small and elusive spiritual entity
within a the collective human psyche. It is the persistent sensation that
turns upon both citizens and societies alike, as we learn to fear- rather
then adapt-to the nature of human-nature.
Missing Piece?

At times, the depth and breadth of human cruelty defies comprehension.  
Some would argue that the deeds of the good increase in stature in
contrast to those deemed
evil. Perhaps this is so but, it would seem there
is something missing...
Perhaps the forces of Creation bequeath the will to live  while mere
survival crosses no meaningful threshold. A passion to
thrive allows that
small chance.
Across the universe there is the struggle of good and evil wherever  
applied imagination asserts distinction. It is the struggle for return to
homeostasis where clashing forces- seeking the obliteration of the other-
find relative equilibrium demands mere counter-reaction.  
Passion viewed as a force obliges the actions of evil deeds while
simultaneously sustaining the deeds of virtue.  Good is not the
opposite...good' is the willful act filling designated space extracting
energy in conversion to positive application.
There are many places where life exists.  And, there are places where life
persists.  In those places where life persists it is the force of 'good' that
inevitably prevails over any meaningful span in time.
Human nature is not to be feared and, we were born into 'sin'.  Rather,
we are born to immediate conflict where we must first
take more then
For the fortunate, mere survival evolves to thrive.  Through a life time of
trial-and-error the individual becomes free upon the realization that no
one person really knows it is we are to live and share... Love and
care.  For those who do, I say "good for you"...  As for me I must keep on
searching for I know nothing for sure excepting this story has no real
nature of evil

broadens the range of that considered acceptable and caters to...