The presence of guilt does little to heal the spiritual wounds inflicted upon a collective
humanity.  Simultaneously, the absolute absence of guilt/remorse would suggest
unawareness at best…a collective apathy and/or total lack of empathy at worst. Such is
the paradox of complexities confronted when we seek to no longer constrain definition
by race- in application to the individual at our side, or in personal reflection.

this point dominated by Caucasian males- we consider the social policies in the US. We
see subsidies for those in need and we have laws prohibiting exploitation and
discrimination.  It would certainly seem as though a quest for balance exists…why is
there still nothing close to balance?

And what is the nature of ‘X’?

both victim and oppressor to fill the void in absence of deliberate and principled justice.

In reference to "our white brothers" Rev King stated that "many have come to realize
that their destiny is tied up with our destiny and their freedom is inextricably bound to
our freedom". The assuring of equal access to material resources in exchange for a
since of diminished guilt guarantees only superficial patch.  In order that all people may
be truly free it is incumbent upon every individual to realize that at the moment it is for
one just as it is so for another; and ‘it’ is the state of justice.

And, as is currently so for 'us', it must soon be for 'them'; ‘us’ is ‘we’ and ‘they’ are
those not yet with us. A venture into the Promised Land carries with it the obligation to
periodically journey to the base for the purpose of assisting those who desire similar
destiny. The nature of the journey is incompatible with any and all forms of exclusivity.
It is a path made more meaningful and better understood by virtue of diverse company
sharing a desire for similar destiny.

Gradually the gap between the material and spiritual realms will begin to narrow as
Creation's intended continuity consumes the foreboding territory between individuals
and peoples. That which once stood between becomes understood as a paranoia of the
past- finding base only in the illusions of faulty human perceptions


Balance becomes closer if the PCI side of the equation is subject
to the addition of Past Oppression (PO), Poverty (P), and
Discrimination (D) as contributing factors. Balance approaches
yet, remains elusive.

Remember the equation PBI - PCI = PCI + PO + P + D + X?  In
the pursuit of balance is it mandatory for the white man to
assume the burden of PO + P + D + X?  In our young nation-to
Perhaps our greatest obstacle is the pervasive perception that
‘root cause’ is somehow linked to race.  As a nation, as a
world, we can do all the ‘PO + P + D + X’ing we want but
until the point we view the symptoms as a human problem, we
will not eliminate the ‘chain of vulnerability’ that entices
The problem is not a government dominated by Caucasian
males…it’s a government historically absent the additional
perspectives brought by women and proportionate
racial/ethnic diversity.  It’s not for lack of effort or noble
intentions…it’s the mistaking of magical-thinking for hope.