Nature, Nurture, Character

As it is with most dichotomies giving life definition, opposing
extremes push the barriers of the unprecedented and, at any
time, represent the points furthest from convention. These
extremes share a parallel existence seeking equal influence.  It
is more probable that one may bridge from one extreme to
another as opposed to the achievement of sustained mediocrity.
Perhaps it is the case that a young person of great passion and
zest is more vulnerable to destructive forces then a comparable
youngster with fewer distinctions in character. In the formative
years of youth and even beyond, there occur individual
experiences of great weight....
Vulnerability...it travels with any child regardless of their environment.
Certainly the limited exposure to life itself exerts influence as a lack of
sophistication places a child at far greater risk for exploitation. Events and
accidents, viewed by adults to be of little consequence, inherit far greater
significance when occurrence applies in the life of a child. A small deviation
from path experienced by an older adult stands a good chance to be
recognized and addressed. A seemingly small deviation from path,
experienced by a child, has the blessing, or curse, of greater proportionate

Will this young person be exposed to the resources
relevant to cooperative living in the midst of a
diverse humanity? Or, will this individual succumb
to the negative forces of an environment
segregated from greater society in which there is
little exposure to the influences that may have
otherwise mentored the individual in the direction
of sustained and cooperative success?...