It may have been theoretically possible to accomplish success in the face of unrelenting
adversity although, if all conditions are identical among all individuals, success would be the
rare exception.  From the present onward, probabilities suggest both the young man and
greater society will view himself /him as one of little redeeming value.  He will likely fulfill the
negative prophesies, of self and society, as all in proximity will see no need to modify their
expectations in  the direction of favor. It is unlikely he will encounter the person able to assist
in the nurturing and development of an individual universally held in high regard.

In the final analysis the issue of character differences along racial lines may be irrelevant; along
with efforts to quantify/classify…impossible.  If only a conversational construct the
discussion of character may be one of many under-discussed topics with the potential to
augment discussions related to race and ethnicity.  Irregardless to legitimacy as a topic, or
existence, ‘character’ is, or would be, only one of countless areas in which differences do
exist among peoples along delineations of any criteria.    


Perhaps the solution to the problems plotting the sabotage of balance
can be found through the frame of character seen as a symptomatic
indicator to the nature of over-lapping environmental conditions…  
the variable conditions in which individual character acquires both
direction and definition. The loss of a youth in the present is much
more likely then not, the result of alternatives and options never
discussed or recognized as possibly relevant. Perhaps there were a
small number of key moments in which an empathetic listener would
have been the only intervention needed to affect the alternative lesson
begging to be taught following a perceived failure.

Somewhere there is a fine young man pondering a future now
seeming fragmented  and obscured from a view behind the steel bars
of incarceration. Although there seems nothing unusual about the
state of his individual affairs there exists an individual tragedy no less
sad then any ever experienced. As a young child, there was a brief
moment of time when passion and curiosity merged with the ability
to contemplate a greater world.  For a fleeting moment it was as
though anything was possible; it seemed unimaginable and unnatural
that any force could, or would ever want to take these things away.
The discussion of differences, whether real, imagined, or merely
symptomatic, can only be of benefit to the alignment of
complimentary strengths among individuals and peoples.  There
has never been, nor will there ever be, a difference great enough
to in any way negate the fact that all humans are created as
equals.  True Equality will forever lead from a position slightly
beyond the current understanding.