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Consider the issue of character as if it were a quantifiable entity subject to measure and
graphic depiction. Also proceed with the notion that we agree there are unique propensities
attached to any cumulative race. We also recognize these differences as a positive feature
and have agreed it is okay to discuss such matters in service to social evolution beneficial to

by networking with others for the common good while the other seeks only to be served
by/through others.

There are others born to a world enriched with nurture and opportunity.  Of these, many will
lead responsible lives immersed in the mainstream of society.  There is joy found here but not
the greatest.

There are some born to a hostile world with little nurture and fewer opportunities.  Of these
there will be some who discover the joys of life…most will not.  There is tragedy found here
but not the worst.  

Why does a person who was instructed in the ways of cooperative living turn out to be a
person with little regard to interests other then their own? This individual was provided the
resources equal to meaningful opportunities surpassing the basic mandatory prerequisites
yet, is unable to legitimately tap mutual benefit. It would seem that at some point in this
individual’s life he/she has made a decision to look out only for self without regard to the real
or potential harm of others. This individual represents advanced manifestation of a life
squandered - we would have expected better.

There is great joy or great tragedy found among those who gravitate to the outer fringes of
the human experience.  For those of great passion, mere survival is not enough.   And
mediocrity looms an insufferable scourge.

It would seem that the issue of character exists somewhere on a plane
between polar opposite extremes. Though the actions differ greatly
between individuals of EC vs UC both have in common the realization that
the ingredients nurturing their soul cannot be consistently acquired
through the channels of conventional approach. There are likely more
similarities between the two individuals then there are differences. The
passion that drives the person of EC is the same passion that drives the
person of UC. The EC individual recognizes their own interests are served

The greatest tragedy of all is the person who rejects opportunity and shuns the
nurture and love so abundance The greatest of wounds- found in the worst of
tragedies- are those to which the individual proceeds to self-inflict...  A life of
great potential crumples to greatly diminished relevance.