Few would argue that black people are over-represented pertaining to conviction rates as it
pertains to the commission of crime(s). With some degree of veracity we can argue that the
justice system is inequitable as it pertains to minorities. We could also argue that the high
rate of black crime is attributable to residual effects of past and/or present inequitable
and/or prejudicial practices. (Incidentally Rev. King used the term "derivative crimes" to
explain the disparity... using the term in a fashion similar to the concept of "residual
effects"). With certainty these factors are part of the equation but there is something in the
collective psyche that instinctually senses there is a missing factor in the equation.

If on one side of the equation there is placed the Percentage of Caucasian Incarceration
(PCI) and on the other side is placed Percentage of Black Incarceration (PBI) there is
nothing close to balance. This of course would be anticipated as true by the vast majority
who would ever care to ponder the issue.

Other factors must be placed within the equation in order to provide the counter-weight
demanded by balance.

Balance becomes closer if the PCI side of the equation is subject to the addition of Past
Oppression (PO), Poverty (P), and Discrimination (D) as contributing factors. Balance
approaches yet, remains elusive.

PBI - PCI = PCI + PO + P + D + ?

There is a missing component that for now we will label "X". With consideration given to all
factors, it is the 'X-Factor' that represents both the least understood and most feared. No
one is sure just how big it is or if it is a constant immune to any favorable manipulation.

Inclusion of the "X-Factor into a graphic presentation of the equation looks like this....

The nature of this unbalanced equation goes something like this...As
it pertains exclusively to rates of incarceration there exists
proportionate disparity when analyzed along the lines of race. For
the purpose of illustration we will confine the discussion to the black
and white races in the US...
PBI - PCI) = PCI + PO + P + D + X