Complexity of cause...


Killing can be
thrilling and the
line crossed is
much closer
then realized for
physically able
to carry a

War at its best is
unaccountability at
the most vile level.
The greatest threat
lies in the potential of
killing as the pituitary
kicks in high gear,
adrenaline and
tingling sensation at
the base of the skull
mandate an impulsive
response. Killing
descends to the point
it becomes its own
The causes of war are beyond the abilities of the individual to comprehend and/or affect influence.

Perhaps most would assume the contributing factors to armed conflict are far to complex to ever
allow individual or, even aggregate understanding.

Cause is not that complex...  

All parties perceive their enemies to have started the conflict either through overt violence or
circumstances in which retaliation through violence is viewed as mandatory in absence of
alternatives.  All parties know the numerous methods of war-  little imagination is required.  
Tis so

Symptoms (pervasive sanctioned violence being a good example) manifest in ways hinting the
true nature of root cause.  It is the aggregate individual lacking a sense of purpose along with
a sense of existent  inequality perceived derivative of distinctions along lines of  race, religion,
nation and/or ethnicity.  These things are representative of underlying cause...cause that
begins as a perception ultimately metastasizing and deforming into countless tragic and
sometimes goofy manifestations.  
Not so

Overt violence is not cause nor is retaliation with violence the cause.  Violent
militants’ employing religion as justification is not the cause nor is the whole of
religion itself the cause.  
By the time the first shots introduce any given war- all involved have
already failed miserably- having missed countless opportunities through
all phases of escalation. The emerging conflict began to produce visible
volatility long before the commencement of pervasive violence.  Activity
incompatible to the existence of war 'trades out' for a solution, only
perceived, and fully lacking of imagination and originality.  It becomes
not so much a failure of vision as it was a failure to realize it is the
individual who assures prevention.

It is a lack of individual purpose sensed providing no protection from the toxic
precipitants all about.  It is young men sufficiently nourished, accelerated by
testosterone, who seek avenues of expression only to find a dirt road pocked by
the tangible reminders of violent conflict.  
Where will the next fight take place?   Who will step forward to fill the vacuum screaming to
be filled by an enemy seeking similar form entertainment?  The ease with which a collection of
fools advance to fill this void signals to all participants that "this is the way God would have it"  
The 'where', 'when' and 'how' will be proclaimed after-the-fact as 'planned'  by elders who only
perceive themselves to be in control while in reality it is the animosity of young men influencing
course and dictating method.

Those left dead or mutilated on these great
'fields-of-misunderstanding' sacrificed for some invented
noble cause while all non-combatants claim no knowledge
relative to  the established inability  of young men to
conceive the notion of their own mortality.  

Sometimes a war is started because fire, explosives, and
projectiles represent bitchin' good fun
.  These are the
conditions found in all nations across the world.  
Antidote to Root-Cause

Somewhere between isolationism and imperialism…between appeasement and ‘one-up’
retaliation there is a narrow channel, perhaps not yet discovered, intending to forge common
purposeful direction amidst volatile and conflicting forces of nature.  Within broad parameters
all constituencies are provided equal opportunity to pursue grievance in a flow proceeding in
the direction of a sustained and meaningful, non-violent, existence for all.  
On the world stage there exists a sense that global protocols and solutions do exist in answer
to our most confounding problems.  Concurrently, there exists the unprecedented intrigue and
suspense affiliated with the greatest mystery ever known, as all living things upon planet earth
are dependent upon solution to perpetuate existence- this has always been the case in all
civilizations across the world.

We sense the components are present but wonder if the puzzle can be deciphered and
assembled in meaningful fashion within a frame of time to which a point-of-no-return is
sensed but not specifically known where and how to exist.