Early in the 20th century international  legislation was passed in an effort to
permanently outlaw the waging of war as an avenue to resolve conflict. This
actually seems like a good idea; why was it dropped? Did the atrocities of WWII
convince us that this outcome will never be possible?.....An indiscriminate
blanket of crime so perverted and pervasive it was as if to mock the very notion
of evil itself.
A child remains beautifully innocent until the point he understands that warfare is
an inevitable component of living. The transformation is instant as our child
unwittingly joins the ranks of those who perpetuate violence. This occurs by default
as he is conditioned by elders in such a way that it is inconceivable to imagine a
Is it possible to rid the planet of war? What if the sentimental desires of the pacifist
became a shared vision for the whole of humanity? What if war were not subject to
any law mandating its elimination and simply fell victim to a collective humanity that
evolved to be everything that war was not.
world never in need of violence in the settling of conflict. This is the way it is and always has been.
If a collective humanity were to be polled relative the possibility a world without the
presence of war...the vast majority would view the notion as impossible.  It would seem
inarguable that broad consensus perceiving war as inevitable would function as one of
the more efficient conductors of energy relative to expectations transferring to
We cannot let ourselves be fooled into a belief that warfare is inextricably
linked to our existence as humans.

We cannot let ourselves believe our conduct during war was/is anymore noble then that of our adversaries if
only for the reason our failure to address the preludes significantly discredits our claims to 'goodness'.  
We cannot view our designated enemies as less worthy or less human than
ourselves lest we invite our own non-combatants to become equal offenders in the
perpetuation of violence.
Myth         # 1-  As long as humans exist upon earth war will never be completely eliminated.

We will soon learn it is not naive’ to assert that violent conflict between nations and/or peoples is menace
unnecessary, and a crime we will not tolerate.


For as long as the 'Dreamer' dreams of only 'Peace' and the 'Pacifist' relies upon the presence of violence
as the primary source of derived definition, there will never
not be war.
Do we believe war to be unavoidable only for the reason its waging we seem so capable?  
Do we believe war to be unavoidable only for the reason its waging we seem so capable?  
Do we believe war to be unavoidable only for the reason its waging we seem so capable?  

In the early 21st Century it remains the pervasive belief that war is at times inevitable as the
best arguments against violent conflict rarely transcend the notion that ‘we shouldn't’ and
‘wouldn’t it be nice if we didn’t’.  Well, someday we won’t but it will not be ‘peace in it’s stead,
and it will remain frequently unpleasant.   
Conflict is 'First-Cousin' to Chaos... Conflict is the only hope to tame the forces of a
chaotic universe in conversion to meaningful existence.  Sanctioned violence is
counter-productive, ultimately unnecessary, and damages the reputation of conflict-
viewed as an entity-,,,Conflict is always present and necessary tho often avoided for
lack of understanding the nature.