Killing with intent can never be regarded as fully justified even in, and perhaps especially in, the context
of war. The consequences of war are as much about those who failed to prevent violence as it is about
those perceived to have initiated.  There are no 'Good-Guys'
There is such a thing as 'Just War'
In the process of conceding to the inevitability of violent wars it is aggregate
civilization-  perceiving itself 'civilized'- endeavoring to replicate the rules applicable
during times of tranquility in projected application to the codes of conduct during
times of war...  

These concepts and terms  imply there exists a 'nice way' to
fight a violent war and that true victory is possible by virtue of
killing with respect.
'War Crimes,
Military Tribunal,
The Geneva
Surrender, POW

The very notion of war crimes contributes to the perception that war is a legitimate
way to resolve conflicts and can be 'prosecuted' (now there's a real gem) in
alignment with higher principles of 'justice'.  There is an implied assumption that
regardless of proportionate loss, all participants will follow the same protocols- as
if violent war is merely an extension of competitive sport.  

It is impossible to walk upon any
battlefield and assume egregious
crimes were never committed.
There really are no ‘just’ wars although the vernacular associated with the discussion makes current
and future wars much more palatable to the masses.  Meanwhile we look for solutions to self-
imposed catastrophe with little consideration given that the full exploration of non-violent alternatives
would never require greater sacrifices then those already in play.
Perhaps the downside of democracy and representative government is the
presumption that most affairs of state are settled through representation as
opposed to direct involvement.  War then becomes a reactionary phenomenon
actualized through a failure by all parties…a failure to recognize that somehow,
somewhere- one or more conditions has risen to disproportionate influence.  

Soon to follow will be collective relinquishing of individual pursuits in  
acquiescence  to that prescribed for the perceived good of all.

It is as if war- viewed as an institution- is greatly underestimated by the majority
within a collective humanity... a humanity dangerously naive to the potential of
unspeakable atrocity and waste. War to the extreme differs little from wars considered lesser. With no
mechanism for counter-balance there exists no known antidote to cause... only treatment to symptoms.
Nothing complicated
Nothing new...
as it's always been...
It's just war