The polar opposite of war is 'peace'.
If an individual has never had first-hand experience in a war, can he/she possibly
know any experience to which it would be akin?  Can this individual speak to the topic
with any authority?  If a response is to the negative can we simply accept that one who
has not seen violence has no role in its prevention?

Believing war itself is the only effective deterrence to its emergence only assures
recurrence.  Our only hope lies in the embrace of those things representing that which
war is not and peace alone is not not-war.  Peace is a misleading term with little to no
application to life on earth

If Fortune Cookies spoke...
Peace as a word and concept is perhaps one of the more tragically misunderstood human notions.  Likely,
a general understanding and definition would equate to an understanding that ‘peace’ is the ‘absence of
war’.  In reality ‘peace’ has very little to do with war.  The pursuit of peace by a people or nation is an
endeavor rendered much less noble by the fact any collective pursuit will always fail.

As it pertains to war, the mystery of cause remains a discovery obscured by a pervasive misperception that
'peace is the answer'

Not Not-War
Peace is widely regarded as so complex it is often deferred to those most qualified-
typically defined as those most indoctrinated through channels of global politics,
economics, and diplomacy.  Oh! …and in charge of the weapons.  Ultimately, while
world governments talk horseshit about peace it is left to constituencies to insist
upon the relative simplicity of non-violence.

As is often the case, it is simplicity that allows the greatest adaptability/applicability to the individual- all
things meaningful apply first to the individual.  Ask 10 people to define ‘peace’ and it will be some variation
relevant to the absence of war. Ask 10 people to define non-violence and the responses will be much more
varied.  Which of the 2 sounds preferable? Which sounds like ‘more work’?

Peace is not imparted from me to you, nor you to I.  It is mutual respect that allows us
each to find our own way.   Peace and Love are the snowflakes disappearing upon the
moment of deliberate capture- the ray of light speeding directly toward nothing in
particular, constantly fast approaching or quickly departing, frequently touching but
seldom landing… with no discernible regard to merit or deserving
It is not mandatory that  we all love one another nor should the goal be to secure peace.  We have no
consensus on either and should most fear that we ever would.  Meaning eludes us at distances
increasing directly proportionate to our efforts in chase.  We can begin to know the beauty of such things
when we come to understand such things exist in realms just beyond our capacity to directly control.  There
are no wise among us to explain the beautiful,  only those wise enough to embrace the experience as it
presents.  Only through the freedom we respect in others can we too find beauty in our own lives.

Peace is not found through a walk in the park nor is it found by observing the branches of a tree while laying
prone under a clear blue sky. It is not I, it is you, and the knowledge we share-that, for a few blissful
moments, neither I, nor any other force will endeavor to willfully cause you harm.
Somewhere between perpetual peace and a constant-state of war lies a state of
sustainable non-violence in which adversaries clash with passion and the experience of
'peace' is given fair chance during of lifetime of accumulated fleeting moments for the
fortunate among the individuals within.