Myth # 1-  As long as humans
exist upon earth war will never
be completely eliminated.

Myth # 2-  As it pertains to wars
among nations, humanity has
learned little to nothing from
the 'lessons   of history'

Myth # 3-  There is such a thing as
'Just War'

Myth # 4-  The polar opposite of
war is peace.

Myth # 5-  The causes of war are
beyond the abilities of the
individual to comprehend

Myth # 6-  There exists those who
have nothing to do with war.


We keep getting what we don't believe

just war


In the early 21st Century it remains the pervasive belief that war is at times inevitable as the best arguments against violent conflict rarely transcend the notion that ‘we shouldn't’ and ‘wouldn’t it be nice if we didn’t’. Well, someday we won’t but it will not be ‘peace in it’s stead, and it will remain frequently unpleasant