Often the non-believer perceives the influence of religion upon
society as harmful, insidious, and counter-productive. To a
collective world craving spiritual meaning the non-believer has
little to offer in the way of alternatives. As animosities between
factions escalate, the skeptic adopts a cynical sentiment in the
spirit of "Christmas is canceled"- sometimes for the sole reason it
is just good fun to be antagonistic.
Believe it or Not

The true believer is asked to accept as fact the legitimacy
to a number of occurrences for which few would argue can
be presently observed. The promotion of events of which
no present duplication exists requires elevated zeal for the
purpose of recruitment and perhaps even to convince
one's self such events not only occurred, but are also of
some relevance in the present.
Meanwhile non-believers are often perceived as angry and
mean-spirited in the criticism directed toward any one or more
religious beliefs/practices. In the establishment of personal beliefs
the non-believer is certain the majority of events found in religious
literature are embellished at best and outright fabrications at worst
Religion is apprehensive relative to perceived risk- seeking to
'play it safe' for the well-being of the congregation.
It is here where religion seeks to narrow the span of acceptable behavior
through restrictions conjoined  to absurdities so profound they just simply
must be true..

The religious faithful speak of entities perfect and
infallible to which faiths and denominations revere and
claim to aspire. The non-believer observes blemish in
many religious facets and perceives inconsistency as
evidence an entire institution is illegitimate. In effect
he/she has tossed the spiritual baby out with the dirty
bathwater of religion.  Perhaps it is a failure to consider it possible that human
spirituality is autonomous of religion.  (although, there may be many examples
where the two have effectively partnered)

Believe or Don't

Tall dark-tales


sentiment in the spirit of Christmas is canceled- sometimes for the sole reason it is just good fun to be antagonistic