Would claim to abhor
violence simultaneously
self-perceiving to be allied
with the causes of peace
Seems to be the first to align with the proclamations
of national leaders and the causes of violent
conflict.  If religion truly aligned with noble-cause, it
would stay away from the issuance of collective
opinion and it would have nothing to do with
organized violence.  But, it doesn’t- and sadly, this is
true across the globe and with all religions.
Requires or strongly suggests conversion to the
religion in question.  If a particular congregation
represents diversity of race and culture it continues
to remain hampered by the falsities of foundational
principles demanding conformity in belief
Perceived and proclaimed
to represent infallible truths
It’s the ‘fine-print’... It is spiritual coercion in the
extreme…an obscene extreme is not seen as it is
believed to be
something else- something in full
opposition to that of which it truly is.  Good people
take it upon themselves to inform non-believers of
salvation-through-religion never acknowledging not-
knowing first hand.
Would claim to bring joy and
a sense of liberation to all
who would believe- a
freedom from bondage of
sin and temporal
But there is a secret kept by most and it is doubt- it is
doubt in the details and it is doubt in the consensus
interpretation.  It is doubt in the joy expressed by others
and it is doubt in the joys experienced by self.  It is the
individual who believes himself the only one among the
congregation who harbors suspicion...failing to realize it
is the majority who hold doubt but cannot agree to 'what'.
Would claim to send
messengers and disciples
to disseminate the 'good
news' of the gospel...And, of
course, the good news of
It is decent- and otherwise humble people- canvassing
the globe falling to understand/incorporate the
teachings of other belief systems. Full faith and
righteousness- even in alignment with noble intent-
obscures the appreciation that proclaiming to know
the message of God-  and the path to  salvation- is
arrogance absent any rival in proximity.  
The greatest stunt
religion ever pulled...
was hiring the devil to
run the show.

Would claim to embrace
tolerance, diversity, and