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I love the 'Believer'...
Not the Belief
Religion is the
opium of the people
Karl Marx
Now, wouldn't that
be nice.
Religion often prioritizes
the answer rather then
the experience...
...the soothing illusion of fellowship while
denominational doctrine deflects the
discomfort of individual accountability.
Christmas is cancelled
Righteousness perceived captured provides
the illusion of shelter from...
"                                        This I know with certainty...

In countless civilizations of other galaxies there exists a different brand
of religion where collective traditions and  rituals honor all others
before their own.  But, as it  is in the is not so on earth.  As a
singular iconic representation, Religion is to earth- and a finite few
other planets- a vehicle to distribution of pervasive misunderstanding-
birthing to profound sorrow and senseless tragedy"   
...invariably equates to a blasphemous
interpretation of Creations intent
So Much Traffic...
So many One-Ways
What's Wrong With RELIGION!...
With no rival in proximity, Religion has become the most destructive
force on the planet.  And that is...
countless ways

Religion causes the suffering

most destructive force on planet


But, as it is in the is not so on earth...